Many times people have the idea to buy or sell real estate on their own.  For some its brilliant as they can save thousands on their commission but the problem is that sometimes problems arise and the same buyers and sellers who thought it would be no problem on their own run into trouble and the first thing they do is call a REALTOR.

As a professional REALTOR I am here to tell you its important to hire someone who can look out for your best interest.  In most cases, those who choose to go For Sale By Owner or those who attempt to buy a property on their own end up using a real estate agent.

Not all real estate agents are the same while I am a real estate agent I am also a REALTOR.  As a REALTOR there are many perks and benefits to serve our customers well.

  • Did you know that a REALTOR has access to the multiple listing service?  If you are trying to sell a real estate agent that is not a REALTOR cannot list your home in the multiple listing service.
  • Did you know that a REALTOR is required to maintain a hire level of standards?  As a REALTOR we take a oath and must abide by the Code of Ethics.  If we do not and are reports there are consequences.
  • Did you know as a REALTOR we provide protection?  Laws, rules and higher standards as well protection with contracts, your property and future property.
  • Did you know as a REALTOR we are required to stay on top of the real estate market?  As REALTORS we must complete additional education and maintain our real estate licenses.  
When interviewing Daytona Beach real estate agents its important that one question you ask, Are you a real estate agent or a REALTOR.  Make sure and protect yourself, your investment and ask important questions when interviewing real estate agents.  Remember you are placing your property in a real estate professionals hands. 

As a REALTOR, I am highly trained in a wide area of real estate.  I am also active in the Daytona Beach Area Association of REALTORS. I took leadership roles because I am proud of being a REALTOR and want to serve the public well.

One thing just because you are hiring a REALTOR keep in mind we are not all alike.  So take the time and interview the right REALTOR.   Remember usually buying or selling a home is one of your biggest investment, don't squander the opportunity by allowing a friend sell your home.  Hire a professional